Poets across the centuries consider LOVE as the most powerful emotion that stirs us all. Some bearing truths lie beneath the metaphors in each line– a truth in which every one of us can be moved and can interpret based on our affection for it. The Color of Love by Raymond Quattlebaum is a book whose voice resonates in this sort of thing. This book can take us on a joyride full of poetic lines that reflect our life’s journey and give a sense of what it means to be a human. To remind us of our faith and bless us with enduring messages that we can use in our journey as human beings living in this vexing world.







Imagination in Poetry







Writing poetry is one of the most transformative and powerful art. Our human civilization flourished since it is one of the oldest forms of literature known in human history. The poems we read and the poets we read have always found ways to present into our lives with the music and wit that they compose. Poetry deepens and renews the gift that all of us have and the gift that makes us human beings, Imagination. Imagination plays a significant role in our lives because it permits us to go into places only our minds can see and admire. It is so important that one can imagine a gloomy and dark cloud of dreamless life without it. One that makes the magic of poetry is the imagination that became the bearer of light in human dream landscapes..







Poetry and Its Romanticism







During the Romantic Era, poetry glorifies its outmost element: Love. This time poet wrote canonical poems that reside to love and its multitudes of subtopics that generate emotions that are also incorporated when someone feels love towards a person or something. Somehow, during this time, many things were going on besides the fact that this period was about being romantic or something that relates to being In love or having a feeling of ecstasy. This period also flourished intellectual arts that stood as the light bearer of what became the revolution. It is faith that somehow these two opposite things emerged in one era. Its fate lies upon the flourishing of poetry as it celebrates human emotion and depicts human intellects.







Life and Its Poetry







As we move along with life, there are a lot of things that have happened and will happen in the future. May it be our plans, endeavors, or anything in front of our eyes. Sometimes we don’t notice the small details in our everyday lives, and that is alright. Being able to reminisce those small details and realize what a poetic it was is the best thing that life has been maneuvering: giving ourselves poetry that comes from the small things around us. When you look at the things that surround you, you can see the poetry lies beneath their images, and by that, we can be sure that our lives will never be the same as being gloomy and sad. In fact, poetry brings sunshine and a fantastic array of hope to us, and it can help us live our lives to the fullest of their potential.







The truth is that poetry is the most incredible invention humans have ever created. Placing all of your life experience on paper with some words to express? How amazing it could be!




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