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Some writers express by writing a love poem, which hones their writing skills and honesty with their feelings. 

Writing a love poem requires the poet with a good sense of imagery, a smooth flow of words, and honesty to convey a stronger power of love. Poetry is a form of literature that makes use of rhythm and aesthetic language. With this, a poet must have a strong imagination in playing with words, structure, and imagery.

The Color of Love by Raymond Quattlebaum is a collection of love poems. It features different forms of love. The author designed the poetry to reflect life and love to their core.

Here are 6 best tips for writing a love poem:

Identify Your Subject

Love poems are much stronger when your subject is not ambiguous. To write about love, you must know your subject. So, to whom is this poem? Or for what is this poem your writing? It’s okay not to specifically name the person or object as long as you know what or who the subject is.

Identifying the subject helps you map out your ideas and express your feelings toward it in words.

Form is Everything

Poetry is such a creative form of literature. Being on the more creative side of literature means it exists in several other styles that go with specific structures. First, you must know what type of poem you’re writing. You also have to make sure that you will be comfortable with the style if you don’t want to sound like you’re experimenting.

Poetry is written in different styles, such as haiku, sonnet, free verse, narrative, and more. This creative literature also requires you to explore more into its world so you can try and practice your expressions through poetry. However, you still need to take caution as some of the styles require specific rules, just like in love.

Be a Giant and Hold the World with Hyperboles

Love is power. Love comes in different forms. So are words. When expressing your love through words, do the words give your feelings justice? Make use of hyperboles! Hyperbole is a figure of speech where you exaggerate everything. So, how many hurricanes will you weather just to go to your loved one? How many galaxies will you pluck from the indigo above to put in a bottle?

Hyperboles are a powerful tool, but you have to be careful as they could make it all cheesy. Avoid clichés! Well, clichés can sometimes be useful, but choose your fight.

Embellish the Imagery

Words can already create a scenery in the minds of the readers. In poetry, you have to have the command of this world. Use specific details to make the images stronger and clearer. Additionally, colors, shape, and texture can add more substance to your piece. As a writer, you are an artist. You are painting a world that compels the people who will read your work.


Honesty is hard when it comes to writing and knowing that your subject will read your work. Some writers tend to shy away from too much honesty and vulnerability because the words that convey the emotions make the piece cheesy.

So, what do you need to do to avoid cheesiness with your piece of art? METAPHORS!

Metaphor is another figure of speech that will help you veil the true meaning of the words. Love poems almost always use metaphors to describe the emotion that is hard to put in words.


Vulnerability is difficult to write down because it strips you to your very core. But love, sometimes, would require you to be vulnerable to express it properly. Some readers would only connect to romantic pieces when they feel the vulnerability of the writer in their words. Moreover, vulnerability allows you to be honest, relatable, and open to possibilities.

The Best Ingredient: YOU

Your love poetry won’t be powerful if you are pretentious. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable exposes the real you. Even if you are not the most perfect person, your readers will love who you are because you are being honest with yourself. You are being you.

 Writing down a personal and emotional piece requires you to just be you. It is the most important tip you should consider, as this opens the doors to unlocking new skills and getting to yourself more.

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