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“Living life with love in the center” sounds like something we all want to do, but these are words that only a few individuals genuinely live by, which is something we should change.

Poet and author, Raymond Quattlebaum, understands that living our lives with love being the central theme of our existence is vital for our well-being. The landscape of life by Quattlebaum is found in the books he has written, namely “The Color of Love” and “Poetry In Motion,” which everyone can read.

Now, love is a universal feeling, and it’s not limited to the romantic type often mentioned in literature and movies. It’s an emotion that makes individuals healthy, lively, and happy. But what do people actually mean when they say, “Living life with love is the best way to live”?

What Does “Living Life With Love” Mean?

To be truly happy, one must live with love resonating in every fiber of their being. The love someone has must come from a place of selflessness, not from expecting something in return once they give away love. Once we learn to love our lives selflessly and without much expectation, love will surround us indefinitely.

Example of Moments When You (Probably) Lived Life With Love

Look back at a time when you were engaged doing something you love—singing, painting, writing poetry, managing a business, or anything. Do you remember how it made you feel? It probably made you feel happy, right?

Time probably became non-existent then; it was just you and your passion as you continued to do the activity you loved. You might’ve even forgotten to eat, stayed up late, and woke up with a lack of sleep. All that just happened was love, specifically, love for what you do.

There are other types of love as well. We got platonic love, which you and your friends share. There’s romantic love, which you and your partner share. And we have spiritual love, which you and God share.

Whether you knew it or not, you’ve most likely had love present at certain moments. Now, it’s time to be aware of love and live your life with love leading you.

But Love Can Sometimes Be Difficult to Live By

Many individuals aren’t ready to express themselves and their feelings. This is what ultimately keeps them from showing and accepting love. However, it’s important to remember that love is meant for everybody and everything.

Love can be for your family, pets, friends, etc., so don’t be afraid to show your love and let others love you.

The Landscape of Life That Quattlebaum Envisions

You can start living life with love by examining the landscape of life by Quattlebaum found in his books. They inspire readers to be true to themselves, look for God in their lives, embrace His love, and love everybody (including themselves) unconditionally.

It’s essential for love to be unconditional and selfless. It is unhealthy to have the mindset that by giving love, the universe and other people should reciprocate it. This is how unrealistic and entitled expectations are born.

Receiving respect and love back after giving it is the end result of love. If you receive love back, then good for you. But if not, giving love is still something you should do.

Raymond Quattlebaum Wants You to Welcome Bliss Into Your Life

Always keep love in your hearts and share them with those you encounter. By doing so, bliss will find you and the people around you. Start by doing something you enjoy and bringing joy into your life.

Doing something you love is a great and easy step toward welcoming bliss into one’s existence. It will certainly aid anyone to come out of their shells and to start living life fully. But be aware that love can sometimes hurt once you start living life to the fullest and putting love in the center.

However, that shouldn’t stop you from living life with love in the center. You will eventually meet people and meet somebody who will help make you happy, reigniting the love in your heart once more.

Identify the Color of Love With Raymond Quattlebaum’s Works

The landscape of life by Quattlebaum inside his poetry books offers plenty of beautiful reads to inspire love in us. His book “The Color of Love” has poems that will warm readers’ hearts who gaze upon them. Get a copy of the book today and start reading Quattlebaum’s poetry written with love!

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