Raymond Quattlebaum

About the Author

Hello! How is everybody! Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Raymond Quattlebaum. My nationality is African American. I am the third oldest son in a family of five. I am 5′ 11″. My sign is Aries. I live in the upper Westside in Manhattan, NY.

I know what you are thinking. Quattlebaum? Yes! A unique name in structure, as well as appearance; quite unique, I would say.

I always had a love for poetry. I love working out. I love music. I even enjoy partying and clubbing but my passion is poetry. It all started in public school, when I was a young kid growing up in PS 84. I remember writing a poem for my third- grade teacher Mrs. Albert. She liked it so much she put in the school’s newspaper, which was quite interesting and inspiring to me. Because it was my first time writing poetry, it was amazing. It made me feel good about myself and pushed me to write poetry even more as time went on.

Since then, as I became older, I have read several other poems by other poets that moved me, especially in my teenage years. But it was the singing group called Earth, Wind & Fire – the elements of life – that inspired me to write more poetry. It was absolutely lovely, the way they would construct and word their lyrics in their music is something you would have to listen to yourself. It’s spiritually divine, unbelievably, and beautiful.

So today, I write as much beautiful poetry as I can, and put it in a book. Because love makes the world go around, The Color Of Love is life!

Inevitably beautiful!

This is the essence of who we are!

Share energy and unconditional love!

Dance in the spiral of Life.

We are love.

Everlasting beautiful!

We are life.

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