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There are plenty of reasons why the world needs poetry that many of us might now know about or take for granted.

“The Color of Love” by Raymond Quattlebaum aims for his readers to never forget the global value of poetry. With his poetry book, Raymond wants everyone to know that poetry isn’t going anywhere and is here to stay. And once you know why it’s so important, you’ll be glad to keep reading such lovely pieces of literature even more.

Let’s discuss and examine some of the reasons why the world needs to engage in poetry and why it needs it.

Poetry 101: Learning What Poetry Is

According to theory, poetry is a centuries-old literary art form that has contributed the necessary depth and significance to the literary canon. It can also be connected to aesthetics, revealing what is attractive OR ugly in the world and assisting authors in verbally expressing their feelings.

On the other hand, poetry is practically indescribable. It can entice your soul in an unparalleled and calming way while remaining inside of you, with you, yet far away from you. In addition to helping you communicate your emotions, poetry opens your mind to a new range of emotions that have never been known to humankind before.

Poems can exist inside and outside of you simultaneously since they are eternal and fleeting.

What Makes Poetry So Valuable for the World Today?

Today’s world is shattered, marked by violence, confusion, ugliness, and a lack of kindness. For example, the continuous conflict between Hamas and Israel encapsulates our current state of affairs in all its brutal, ugly, and disgusting details. This battle will soon have a rippling effect that covers the entire world despite its focus being Israel.

How, therefore, may poetry comfort a troubled mind?

Poetry frequently serves as a conduit, fostering empathy and connection while entirely erasing distance. It also helps us accept the opinions of others and moves us from hostility to mercy and compassion, as well as from hate to love.

This is one of the reasons why the world needs poetry. Without a conduit—an outlet—everyone could not express themselves healthily. “The Color of Love” by Raymond Quattlebaum is a good source of poetry that people can read to heal, feel, and inspire. It’s one example that answers why the world desperately needs poetry.

What Does the Past Say About Poetry?

Turning the pages of history, poetry is a potent medium that many notable people have used to motivate the masses and spread their messages.

  • Amiri Baraka, a well-known member of the Black Arts Movement, utilized poetry to speak out against racism and injustice in the US.
  • Rabindranath Tagore was a poet and writer from India who utilized his works to spur the country’s independence movement.
  • John Milton, throughout the Commonwealth era and the English Civil War, was an English poet and pamphleteer who composed many political and religious poems.

You can see the huge power poetry may have from these examples. It has the power to arouse the body, mind, and spirit. The natural capacity to articulate complicated emotions in well-chosen words elevates the banal into the sublime.

Now That You Know Why the World Needs Poetry, It’s Time to Indulge in Them

Despite the common belief that we don’t live in a poetic society, everyone enjoys poetry and music during funerals. People are drawn to poetry because of its depth of meaning. Individuals must look for poetry throughout difficult times, naturally, beyond the crisis.

Students also need poetry with how much stress they’re facing in their lives. The world’s paradigm has shifted a great deal, making the challenges our young generation faces entirely different from the difficulties of the past. But regardless of whatever hardship is looking them in the eye, poetry can greatly alleviate those burdens and provide a soul-refreshing relief that no other literary medium can.

If you want to partake in some beautifully written poems, “The Color of Love” by Raymond Quattlebaum is a good purchase to make. Get a copy of the book today, and enjoy pages upon pages of Raymond’s wonderful poetry. You might also want to check out our other articles and learn the best tips for writing a love poem!

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