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Living life to the fullest is a personal choice to be happy and fulfilled.

Living life to the fullest is a personal decision an individual has to make. To really “live” takes courage and a step outside one’s comfort zone. What it means to live life to the fullest differs for each person, as each person is unique. From a child’s perspective, the importance of life has not yet opened up to present itself, but one thing children does is live in the present moment. If only life were simple, people could be happy and attain peace, and everything they want, but modern society complicates life. To embrace life is a choice to go with the flow of life. No matter how rigorous a person’s every day is, they can choose to be consistent or give up. Some people go to work daily; some pursue their passions, some care for their families, and others explore the world to explore life.

“The Color of Love” by Raymond Quattlebaum

Raymond Quattlebaum is an African American poet. Raymond has written numerous poems; one of his published anthologies is “The Color of Love,” a compilation of 38 poetries. Raymond believes the saying that love makes the world go round, and “The Color of Love” is undoubtedly magnificent. In his poems, he states that the purpose of a person is to share energy and unconditional love towards others and all living things. In his book, he expresses that a person is created by love, and everyone embodies the passion and everlasting beautiful life. “The Color of Love” is a poetry book that aims to inspire the reader’s heart and soul.

“Poetry in Motion” by Raymond Quattlebaum

Raymond Quattlebaum, the author of “The Color of Love,” writes another anthology of Inspirational and Religious Poetry called “Poetry in Motion.” For Raymond, poetry is life in motion, and motion is the poetry of life. He states that the motion of life is spinning at a magnificent vibration. Inspired by William Shakespeare’s “All the World’s a Stage,” Raymond agrees that each person plays a part in different acts or stages of life, and each must accept the circle of life. Raymond Quattlebaum paints the beauty of life through his poetry; the landscape of Life by Quattlebaum is a colorful world filled with love and greatness.


To live life fully is to choose happiness. Each person has their own definition of happiness. For some, happiness is financial success. For some people, happiness is living a simple life. Sometimes others’ opinions might suggest what they want for another person. However, if someone lets someone else define happiness for them, they will never be delighted if they do not follow their true calling. Happiness is a choice, too, like living life to the fullest. It is a person’s choice to think positively. Often times things do not go as planned, and misfortunes happen, but a person can change how they react to a situation.  

Live in the present moment

People lived life simply before society was formed and technology was developed. Humans before civilization only thought about their survival within the day. Before civilization, people did not have to worry about education, jobs, or money. Prehistoric people lived as one with nature, unlike today, where modern man is detached from nature and more connected with technology. A part of contemporary man’s problems is complicated thoughts such as dwelling in the past or worrying about the future. Every person has gone through mistakes they regret, and sometimes they tend to hold on to them. To fully live, one must let go of past errors by forgiving oneself. Moreover, Cherishing the present moment is a small step towards living life to the fullest

Love oneself

A person who doesn’t love oneself cannot enjoy living life to the fullest. Wishing to be somebody else cannot always suit a person’s mental health. A person can set others as an influence, but one must not forget to look up and praise themselves. Everyone has set high expectations for themselves at some point in life, and they might feel discouraged when they do not meet their standards. Knowing one’s limit and continuously improving takes time and effort. Each individual is unique, and they can only be themselves. Appreciating oneself is a practice of self-love.

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