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If life is a movie, you must be the focal part. Becoming the main character in life is a step toward living a more meaningful and beautiful life.

People are the commanders of each of their lives.

They’re solely in charge of steering themselves toward the directions they wish to go and the situations they want to be in. Nobody else holds the wheel but them, having the ultimate control over their lives. It’s both empowering and an overwhelming pressure to recognize this authority and responsibility. Yet, regardless of this heavy burden, it’s still something everyone wants to take part in.

Taking control of one’s life can be compared to having a firm grasp of a pen and writing one’s narrative. It’s becoming the main character in life, equipped with the capacity to create personal scenarios and overcome challenges. At first glance, having this syndrome or mindset can be deemed self-centered and receive a bad rep. But this can be the most beautiful ideology when it’s harnessed positively as a stepping stone to embracing and facing life head-on.

What Does It Mean to Become the Main Character in Life?

In Poetry in Motion in Quattlebaum’s book, the author pinpoints his central point through this single-liner: “Life is a stage, and we all play a part.” The book serves as a reminder that everyone has a role in life’s grand scheme. Like a theatrical performance, regardless of where on the stage one is, everyone has a purpose and a portion to fill.

Looking at the picture from an audience’s perspective, one might merely appear as a side character, an extra, or a propman with no significant impact on the main play. They may appear as side characters employed to assemble the pieces and systems governing the world. But in a closer look, everyone in this grand scheme is a main character on their part. Knowing their roles, they have a consequential purpose throughout the performance, which can impact its conclusion if they don’t correctly participate. This is what it means to be the main character in life.

It’s having and knowing one’s purpose as the key player in one’s life, owning this role, and portraying it to the best of their abilities. As the main character in life, people look at their days through a storytelling lens, wherein every day is a new episode. But regardless of the problem they’re encountering, it’s believing that its conclusion will always be a happy ending.

Life is a stage. Play it. It’s easier said than done. But by living through these steps, one’s story will end with a happy scene.

When Things Don’t Go as Planned, It’s for Character Development

Whenever things go south, people don’t have anyone else to blame but themselves. This level of accountability is essential for them to be responsible in solving and coping with their problems. But too much of it can be detrimental. This can resort to generalized inadequacy. When things don’t go how people want them to, it becomes easier to say they’re stupid or won’t amount to in life.

This isn’t giving oneself liability to change the course of one’s life. It’s digging one’s grave and jumping right under. It doesn’t give anyone the space for growth and development. Instead, it’s stunting and nailing it motionless on the situation.

As the main character in life, one shouldn’t jump into a limiting belief. Instead, one can think of these issues and detours as a means of character development. It’s easy to determine the character’s focal conflict when watching movies, but the audience remains hopeful of its resolution.

Why should this differ from reality?

When experiencing turbulence in life, this shouldn’t be seen as a signal of a complete downfall. Instead, it’s merely a turning point in one’s story, a block that can be overcome for growth and development. As the main character in life, it pays to believe that whatever the problem is, one will successfully find a resolution, leading them closer to their happy ending.

Main Characters Never Give Up

Every story’s protagonist is the protagonist for a reason. It’s because they’re created with every necessary skill, strength, and weakness to conclude their journeys. At this point in life, people may believe themselves less capable and think they’re too weak for life. But this is because they haven’t reached the episode of their narratives when they’re supposed to be bestowed a new skill.

No hero gives up in the middle of a fight.

They all push through and survive because they’re the protagonists. Bad days will end, and once they do, the main characters will be reborn with new competencies to continue their journeys.

Becoming the main character in life is believing that within oneself are the needed strengths to overcome whatever problem awaits them in the future. To embody this trait, people must have total confidence in themselves and their abilities. It’s in embracing their weaknesses and allowing themselves to be vulnerable but getting back up to fight until the end.

Remember, as the main character in life, people are capable, although this doesn’t mean they’re already perfect. Sometimes, they feel inadequate, but that’s because they’re still in the middle of their development journey.

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