Ways You Benefit From Writing Poetry

Have you ever read a poetry book and wondered what the author felt during the time they wrote it? Poetry is something very deep and personal. You can never avoid thinking about what the writer was feeling or what they were going through. It is so deep that you can get lost with the words that come with it.  The power of poetry hits differently, especially to those to appreciate beautiful words. If you love to play with words and express your feelings through writing, you should think about writing poetry. There are many ways a poem is formed and written; you have sonnet, epic, blank verse, free verse, and many more. It can also be structured with rhyming lines and meter. Hence, you are sure to find the best form for you. Freeform allows poets to freely write whatever they want, without worrying about the rhyme and meter. It can be the best option if you are starting out. 

Poetry is something that you can learn as you go through the process. More so, you can also learn by reading. When you go to the nearest book shop, or you can just go to Amazon, you can always find great poetry books that you can read. It does not only help you learn techniques, but it can also be very entertaining to read. Poetry benefits a reader in so many ways. One great author you can check out is Raymond Quattlebaum. His book The Color of Love is full of meaning. The context of it will help a reader see how beautiful and heavenly love is. Raymond Quattlebaum in reflection of love, shows the blueprint of life created by The Most High. Once you open this book, you are guaranteed that you will learn a lot.

So much of that, now, let us go back to how poetry can benefit you as a writer. This article will give you reasons why you should write poetry. The following are some of the benefits you get to experience once you start writing one. 

Poetry Encourages You to be Creative

Writing poems will help you stimulate your imagination. The process will make you explore more language and vocabulary. YOu will get to be exposed to words that you have not heard or used before. You will learn rhyming words, which is fun, at the same time productive, and very satisfying to do. The process of writing poetry can surely help with exercising your mind.

Poetry Is a Form of Self-Expression

Seld-expression is essential to a person’s happiness and energy. When you are able to express yourself the way you want to, you feel contentment. This kind of contentment cannot compare to any joy other things bring. It will give meaning to everything. If you are someone who is looking for ways to express yourself, you should opt for poetry. It will allow you to pour your heart out your way. You are free to write whatever you want to write about. If there’s any message that you want to share to the people, poetry gives you this chance. Think of it as a chance to be heard.

Poetry Is Therapeutic to the Mind

Just like any form of writing, writing poems can be relaxing. It will take you to a world of your own, where you can be yourself. When you are in the middle of writing, you will feel as if all the stress goes away. Which is very good for your mental health. It is always nice to get away from reality sometimes. 

Poetry Lets You Lift Someone’s Mood

Imagine having to be the reason why a person’s day is made. Isn’t that a great feeling? Your poems could be the reason why one has the will to wake up in the morning. Just like how writing poems can lift your mood, you can also life  someone’s mood. That is enough reason for you to write poems. 

To wrap it up, writing poems can really get you somewhere. It can do all the positive things to your character development. You should write poems because you can. Hopefully, this has given you the motivation and inspiration. Good luck on your writing journey!


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