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As for today’s headlines tout stories of tragedy, scandal, and war, Christians can be confident knowing that all they need is God’s Love.

A known theologian once stated, “Nothing God ever did, or ever does, or ever will do, is separate from God’s love.” Everything that God has ever done has been out of Love. Here comes a question that humanity could ponder upon the universe’s existence and everything in it.

Why did God create the earth if we were all going to die?

This is a great question that goes straight to the heart of who God is. God is fully loving, perfect, beautiful, and faithful, and these features continually flow out of Him. Within the Trinity (God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), the relationship of grace, Love, goodness, and beauty are so complete that it overflows by creating a reasonable and beautiful world. God brought the world into existence.

Here are several critical implications for this attribute – God is Love – for all people today.

We can trust in God’s Love. At the core of these qualities is Love’s unwavering and unfailing aspect. God has affirmed this nature about Himself to humanity. He has maintained a covenantal relationship with society since creation. Even in humanity’s sinfulness, God maintained patience with humankind and showed them mercy. 

Humanity’s ability to love is enabled through God’s Love. Jesus set the example of Love for us and gave us the command to follow His standards in the Book of John. When Jesus cleansed His disciples’ feet, He took in the role of a servant and placed others’ needs above His dignity. Jesus instructed His followers to do the same. He tells humanity to love their neighbors as well as their enemies. Yet, this task is not oppressive, for Love is a fruit of the Spirit. When people abide and rest in God, love outpours onto others; through our Love, the world will know that they belong to Christ.

People can rest in God’s Love. Since God’s nature is Love, His Love is unconditional. As He knew before creation that humans would be disobedient, He chose a road to save them from their sins. Such is described in the Book of Ephesians 1:4-5, which says: “For God chose humanity in Him before the creation of the earth to be blameless and holy in His sight. In Love, He fated humanity for adoption to sonship through Jesus Christ, under His pleasure and will”. This gives people hope as His children. People do not have to view God as their “Punisher-in-Chief,” but rather as their Heavenly Father with a plan and purpose for every life. Jesus personified this message and called people to rest. When humanity recognizes Christ as our Advocate, we can relax in the assurance of God’s Love. 

We Can Have Confidence in God’s Love. The Book of Psalms chapter 136 beautifully describes the Love of God as unfailing. The psalmist recalls (26 times!) how the Lord upholds His creation and people in Love with His sovereignty. As you look back upon His loving faithfulness from the beginning, you can grow in the guarantee that God will continue to promote His kingdom and vindicate His children until His purpose and plan come to full fruition.

Similarly, a particular book entitled Poetry In Motion, a Quattlebaum book, implies that Poetry is Life in Motion. Again, motion is the Poetry of Life, spinning at a magnificent vibration, a vision for the globe to see. Here, at last, is a book, the Chapters of Poetry In Motion, as people express themselves through life. What can you say about a mental visualization if an image is indeed worth a thousand words? Yes, life is a stage, and people all play a part; the question is, what role do you play in life?

To be a part of it, you must play a role in the beauty and the great circle of life. This book is designed to bring to the reader life in the passage as you know it, the miracle of who you are, Poetry In Motion! Life in the Presence of God! Thus, grab a copy of Quattlebaum’s book and get to know more of his books now!

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