can we know that God loves us? What are His proof the He loves all human
beings? God wants us to know, believe, feel, and see that He loves us. Love is
an action not just an emotion, and God shows His love in innumerable ways.



is loving Father in Heaven, and He loves His children perfectly. Before we
loved Him, He has already loved us, and the proof of His love is found
everywhere. So, hold on to His promise of love as we enumerate the things that
show God’s love for all human beings.



  • God show His love by blessing us. In the blessings He provides us, we can see the love of God. From the beauty of the globe to the persons of our lives, because He loves us, God continually gives us great and tiny gifts.



  • God shows His love through other people. Sometimes in peaceful times a feeling will wash over us. We often experience this impression when we are out in nature, when we give a prayer, or when we serve others. This feeling is the love of God.



  • God show His love through His Son, Jesus Christ. One of the biggest acts of love for us by God was sending His Son, Jesus, to the earth. We can feel the love of God through Jesus ‘ teachings and grace, be forgiven, and learn to love the people around us.



  • God shows His love through
    urged God to abandon Christ into the world to save us is the love of God for
    us. For our sins, which separated us from Him, Christ paid. Not only does this
    sacrifice bring us peace with God, but it also takes us into a loving personal
    connection with Him. The atoning love of God through Christ is the origin of
    all our divine blessings.



  • God show His love through
    have no authority to satisfy the law of God because of our sinful nature. But
    the love of God is shown by Christ who redeemed the price we owed for our
    rebellion, or paid it. The redemptive love of God frees us from guilt and fear.



  • God show His love through
    justifying love.
    faith in Christ, the love of God is shown by justifying us (or declaring us
    innocent). Christ will be regarded as the sinner, and the sinner will be
    treated as the righteous. God considers us now, rather than through our sin,
    through the righteousness of Christ. The justifying love of God enables us to
    stand before Him as His accepted children.



  • God show His love through
    adoptive love.
    demonstrates His love for us not only by forgiving us our sins, but also by
    going further and taking us into His family. He has enabled us to share in the
    saints’ heritage. This heritage involves salvation, strength, hope, peace,
    comfort, providence, communion, and more! The adoption of love by God enables
    us to call Him “Father.”



  • God show His love through
    way God demonstrates His love is by sanctifying us for His purpose, or setting
    us apart. In two respects we are sanctified: positionally and gradually. When
    we come to Christ, we are sanctified “positionally.” The priests
    would continuously create sacrifices in the Old Testament because they never
    paid for sin permanently. But Christ provided Himself as the ideal sacrifice
    and paid once and for all for our sins. So, in order to achieve salvation
    through Christ, we sanctified or set apart.



Throughout our Christian life we are also
“increasingly” sanctified. Progressive sanctification is not about
our salvation— we are saved through grace and not through works — it is about
how we live after we are saved.



The method of dying to sin and living for Christ
by becoming more like Him is progressive sanctification. It’s about creating
the Spirit’s fruits rather than creating the flesh’s fruits. The sanctifying
love of God distinguishes us for His unique plans.



  • God shows His love through
    by glorifying us, God demonstrates His love. We will fight with sin throughout
    our life, but we are promised to complete the excellent job that God starts in
    us. Our sinful nature will be left behind when we go to be with the Lord, and
    we will love Him and Him forever. God’s glorifying love is Christians’ ultimate



  • God show His love through faith. The love of God is steadfast for you. It is a love that is loyal, unshakable, and immovable. God has been loyal in saving you, and He will continue to be loyal in the presence of Jesus Christ. He started a nice job in you and you can be sure He’ll complete it as well. If He didn’t love you, would God be loyal to you? Not at all. Since God loves you, He is loyal to you.



Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels




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