We understand that loving ourselves is crucial, right? But what does love and embrace the essence of who you really are actually imply?

Self-love implies taking a hot bath or pampering with a massage or manicure for some individuals. Yet the elusive self-love we seek needs something more profound for ourselves than anything we can “do.”

Self-love implies to find peace within ourselves— to rest peacefully within our being’s depths. By doing something to nurture ourselves, we might discover temporary respite. But a bigger inner peace involves cultivating with ourselves a certain way of being — a gentle and nurturing attitude toward what we experience within.

The suggestions that follow are going to talk about how to love yourself and why it helps. At first some of these steps may seem frightening, but once you’ve mastered the methods that work for you, you’re going to feel so much happier and you can really say you love yourself.

Here are just a few tips you can attempt to find out how to love yourself and how to embrace the essence of who you really are today!

  1. Be gentle with yourself. Often, being kind and gentle to others is simpler than being kind to ourselves. Judgmental voices from the past may have left a concealed scar of toxic shame that prevents us from honoring or even noticing what we really feel.

To be gentle with ourselves is to be kind and friendly to the emotions that occur within us. Feeling sad, hurt, and sometimes scared is very human. To be aware of these emotions and enable them a friendly room is a sign of strength, not weakness.

One way to have more spaciousness around us is an attitude of gentleness towards our emotions. Instead of being overwhelmed by our feelings, we can “be with our emotions.”

2. Focus less on gaining others’ approval. Remember, you don’t have to do what everyone else does.  And you also don’t have to ask permission to do it differently either.  Your time on this planet is very valuable.  As the adage goes, “What you are doing today is important because you are exchanging for it a day of your life.” Don’t wait around for someone else to allow you to live.

3. Travel once a year. This may be out of your comfort zone entirely, but it’s a nice thing! If you can travel alone, it’s going to be a wonderful experience of self-love. You will learn renewed experiences not only about yourself but also another culture. This helps to get you out of your ordinary routine as well.

4. Show gratitude for who you are and what you have. No, you’re not always going to get what you want.  And no, you’re not going to be precisely where you want to be.  But remember this: lots of people are going to never have what you’ve got right now.  So use pain, frustration and discomfort to motivate you rather than annoy you.  You are in command of your manner of looking at life.

Furthermore, being grateful is a powerful attitude that can mold your mindset for the better. According to psychologists, mentally strong individuals prefer exchanging gratitude for self-pity. In fact, people who are deliberately thankful may have better physical and mental health.

So, inculcate that gratitude attitude so you can embrace your real essence as a human being.

5. Take care of yourself. This one may seem apparent, but taking care of yourself plays a huge role in learning how to love yourself, and this is not done by many individuals. You will be the finest version of yourself if you take care of yourself.

Another way of taking care of yourself is exercising. You will not only begin to be healthier, but you will also feel better about yourself. Psychologists agree that you will instantly feel a mood-enhancing effect about five minutes after you start a workout. And when performed continuously, exercise can help decrease long-term depression and anxiety emotions, and in turn, can help you keep a good feeling of self-confidence.

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