How Can Love Change the World?

Love. The warmest word you could ever hear. Probably the most overrated word there is. But does this change the fact that it is the most powerful word that exists? Maybe it’s true, love is overly glorified, but it is perhaps the reason why it is dynamic. What does it really mean? Love is the reason why there is kindness. It gives people strong emotions, making one feel deeply connected to a certain someone or something. Love makes the world better. Love in whatever shape and form, self-love, selfless love, or romantic love is life.

With the world’s situation right now, it is evident that love might be everything it needs. So much cruelty and violence are happening. With the pandemic going on, don’t you think all the people can do is make love greater than everything. As Raymond Quattlebaum implies in his literary works, love is the most powerful emotion in the universe, and that God is unconditional love. The perception of the landscape of life by Quattlebaum is something that one should know. His works contain a handful of meaningful poems that can touch your life. If you are someone interested in poems or just want to know more about life and love, you will never regret getting one of his books. 

The world needs more love than anything. For you to contribute and show it, you must learn to understand the true meaning of it. You must make way for yourself to know the reasons why love is essential. This blog will help you with it. Below are some of the reasons why love is excellent and that it can change the world for the better.

It gives life to a person.

Without love, one can never be genuinely happy. You could have everything in this world, but without it, you will never feel fulfilled. Love is great because it gives a person every reason to breathe. There is nothing to compare of how dynamic it provides to the world.  It is the only thing that can give the most incredible feeling to someone. Love is genuinely seeing and caring for everything that exists in this world. When you feel this emotion, you will never feel anger, hatred, and disgust. You can only do so much when you enact this. This being said leads to the next point:

It serves as an inspiration and motivation.

Love, a word that will make you feel like you can do anything. This point is more for self-love. You will have the motivation to think of a better approach in life. The one that will make you feel as though you are contented. The thing you think you cannot do, you will find the courage to do them. It gives you a can-do attitude that you can approach anything, anywhere, anytime. You will aim for the better. Yes, this four-letter word can be an amazing pat to self-discovery. It can reveal so much about yourself that you may not know. It can be about your preferences or morality. Love will make you reflect on your self better.  

It gives satisfaction.

The feeling of contentment is all it takes to make a person happy. If a person is not contented with what she has, she will never feel joy. The feeling of satisfaction is the only feeling that will provide please within yourself. That is why people would say that the secret to lasting satisfaction is love. That is why when you love, you will dedicate all your time and effort just for it to feed the moment and make it last. 

It conquers all.

Love is God. God conquers all. Your faith in Him can conquer all. If you go back to the Bible, you will find a handful of verses that will discuss this. For instance, in 2 Corinthians 5:7, says, “For we walk by faith, not by sight.” This verse implies that even if we have not met Him face to face, if your faith in Him is strong enough, you will know Him. In Quattlebaum’s book, Color of Love, you will find that you, His people, are the offspring of His love in human reality. As long as you trust in Him, you will conquer it all. 

To conclude, the healing and transformative power of love can heal every human in the world and can transform your life into something that you could never imagine. 

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