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Love is one of, if not the most beautiful, feelings a person can experience in their lifetime. There are numerous ways to express it; one of them is to write poetry and love doing it. not just for their loved ones but for themselves, too!

There is something so profound about love. Its impact on people’s lives, how it can make it better or even worse at times. Most of all, how it can manifest in different forms. Love from family, friends, from a romantic partner, and even God. That is what “The Color of Love” by Raymond Quattlebaum is all about.

God is the one who is willing to give everything. He is the one who is more than ready to provide unconditional love without question to each and every person. With God, people can find the true beauty of life. A life full of colors because of deep and genuine affection for one another because God’s love brings miracles. Rather, God’s love for everyone is the miracle of life.

The way people prefer to express their love is called a love language, and this comes in different ways. Namely the following: Words of affirmation, quality time, gift-giving, acts of service, and physical touch. In this blog, poetry will shine under the spotlight, as it is a wonderful form of expression of love. Majority of people are glued to their smartphones and are accustomed to minimum effort, using mere emojis, memes, and pictures.

The beauty of poetry is a matter that tends to get overlooked in these times. When a person makes an effort, it shows that they truly appreciate the person that they love. It shows that they are more than just simply someone in your life. After all, actions speak louder than words. Then when they are written down, literary works such as poems can last a lifetime. So, what’s in it for people if they engage in poetry?

Develops a person’s Critical Thinking

With poetry, your mind will surely open up to creativity, especially when the writer is having fun while doing it! Being able to express yourself is also one of the healthiest ways to develop your skills as a writer. Most of all, it helps grow a person’s critical thinking skills.

Helps a person step out of their comfort zone

Slam poetry is an excellent way for a person, especially introverts to engage in public speaking. This in turn will lead to the development of their communication skills. Putting themselves in a slightly uncomfortable situations at times is the exact place where a person grows. After all, change is what leads people to becoming a better version of themselves.

A chance to voice out about matters that are important

Whether it is about personal problems or pressing issues that can affect everyone, writing down poetry and being able to find a channel to voice yourself out is an excellent opportunity to be able to communicate with others or find a healthy outlet for yourself.

With all that said, tweaking your brain with productive activities, such as writing down poetry, offers the aforementioned advantages and possibly even more that are not yet proven and stated. As long as a person does something out of love, it will surely make their lives better.

If you are not yet familiar with the world of poetry, you can always take that one step towards starting whenever you are ready. After all, it is highly important to write poetry and love doing it at the same time. At the end of the day, life is not a race. What matters is going through the journey of life and love at your own pace, one step at a time.

The best way to become accustomed to the world of rhymes, lyrics, storytelling, and literature as a whole is to keep on reading, keep on listening, and keep on writing. There is no better time than now, right after reading this article, to start your journey in the world of poetry!

Write a poem for that best friend who has been by your side since you played tag at the school playground, for your mother who cooks your delicious meals more than once a day, for your father who tirelessly works hard for the family, for your brother or sister who has been both a constant friend and enemy, to the partner that you aim to spend a whole lifetime with and make a new life together, and most of all, God, for giving people everything and more in everyone’s lifetime. Reveal the beauty of life through poetry!

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