is everyone’s most sacred and forceful feeling. It distinguishes people from other
living beings. A loving heart is free of all ill emotions and evil and can
never go unfitting in any choice it makes.



knows no size, color, age, or social status. Love also draws joy, courage,
passion, and excitement. It gives us a resolved life. Love is allocated to the
brave of heart, not for the baffled and weak. It is reserved for those who know
to live and control their lives because it involves a big deal of resilience to
admit your love to someone.



what makes love the most powerful emotion?



article deliberates on what happens inside our heads when we are in love.



to one of the researchers, intense, romantic feelings come from our brain. The
researchers looked into the magnetic resonance images (MRI) of the brains of
several men and women. When these men and women see photographs of their
beloved, their brains produced emotional responses similar to being rewarded
and motivated. Intense passionate love utilizes the same brain system that is
activated when an individual is addicted to drugs.



other words, when you are in love with someone, you start to crave that person
like a drug.



have also said that love is one of the person’s strongest feelings. The brains
of humans are wired to choose a mate, and we humans are driven to win that
mate, sometimes taking a huge leap to get their attention and affection. The
other half becomes a goal in life, basically a prize.



reward part of our brain, also called the pleasure center, is an important part
of the brain needed to survive. That helps us recognize that something really
feels good. The desire to feel good when you’re around your mate may even be
more prevailing than the desire for sex!



beings want love.



all want to feel like we’re wanted and that by being in our presence, someone
out there has a brighter day. We all want to feel worthy; we want to feel that
somebody really cares to the extent that they will be happy to announce it and
demonstrate it by defining behavior. The desire to have someone right next to
us who is willing to listen to our inner thoughts, who genuinely loves hearing
our ideas and invites us to share with them our mindset.



it wonderful to have someone that we care about deeply?



to the point that we feel like we’re on top of the globe just by hugging them
or holding them tightly. How much love this individual can turn our entire
world around is noteworthy. It’s even more amazing when love returns to us.



Indeed, love is the strongest of all emotions. The most lovely and breathtaking moment in life happens when two hearts are intertwined together superbly, establishing a bond that is powerful as the rough roots of a towering oak tree. Love offers us hope; our lives would be dull without hope. Love is not easy to achieve, but once it has been achieved, we are at its mercy; our hearts feel something so inconceivably great that words cannot describe it. It is only shown by our radiant smiles.



Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay


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