The Ultimate Signs that You Should Write a Book

Do you love expressing yourself? Have you ever wanted to see your name written on a book cover? Do you like it when people read and compliment your writing? If yes, then perhaps you are born to become an author! Becoming an author and writing a book is the dream of many people. Some achieve their literary ambition through hard work and determination, while others are just fortunately born with the natural ability to write good books. Raymond Quattlebaum is an example of an author who fall under these two categories.

Raymond Quattlebaum is a natural-born author who combines his skills with hard work and determination to come up with books that many people surely love. His books mostly contain deep and beautiful poems about love, life, and God. According to Raymond Quattlebaum, he knew he is a natural-born author ever since childhood. During third grade, particularly, his interest and passion for writing gradually became intense when his teacher praised a poem he made and even put it in the school’s newspaper. Since then, Raymond Quattlebaum’s keen interest and strong passion for writing has continued until he became an official author of books. If you think you and Raymond Quattlebaum have something in common when it comes to writing, then keep reading. This article will help you determine if you are also meant to become an author. Below are the ultimate signs that you should write a book.

You are filled with creativity inside

Other than literary skills, creativity is an essential characteristic that a person must possess in order to write a successful book. If you are an expressive and imaginative person whose mind is filled with creative juices, then it might be a good sign that you are meant to become an author. Creativity is an inherent gift from God, so you should cultivate it and utilize it to contribute something great to the world. One of the best ways to maximize your creativity is to write a book. Writing a book is a creative process in itself. It requires a great amount of artistry, imagination, and expressiveness to come up with a good book. So, if you think God has gifted you with enough creativity to produce a literary masterpiece, then write a book! Nonetheless, not having enough creativity does not necessarily mean that you cannot become a good author. Sometimes, hard work and determination can beat any inherent skill or talent.

You have an important message to share

A book is nothing without a message. The message of a book is basically what an author wants to convey or share with other people through his or her writing. It is, in essence, his or her primary purpose for writing a book. Oftentimes, this message is a moral or valuable lesson about life. One of the main reasons why many people love reading books is that they can learn a lot of things from them. If you think you have an important message to share with others, then it might be the best thing to write it in a book. It does not really matter what your message is – it can be about courage, family, friendship, love, grief, and more – so long as you believe that such message can have a good impact on the lives of others. If you have learned something valuable from your experiences in life, be generous enough to share them in a book.

You are constantly drawn to the idea of writing

Some people write books simply because they feel like it is what they are meant to do in life. Sometimes, being an author is not merely a job but a call of passion. It is a commitment to a purpose that God Himself has given. If you are constantly drawn to the idea of writing ever since, then it might be a great sign that God is calling you to become an author. Having a keen interest or strong passion for writing is a profound reason for writing a book. Not everyone is gifted with such interest and passion. So, if your heart is constantly telling you to venture into the literary world, then follow it. More often than not, it is your heart that knows where your success lies waiting. As the famous literary figure Rumi himself once said, “Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”

Ultimately, the ability to write is a precious gift from God. It is something that needs to be generously shared through literature. If you are like Raymond Quattlebaum who has the creativity, wisdom, and passion necessary to be an author, then, by all means, be the best author that you can be. Write the best books that you can produce. Share the best messages that you have learned from your life. In other words, allow your writing ability to become a gift not just for yourself but for the whole world. Remember, God has gifted you with that literary prowess for a great reason. So, write a book now!

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