Sometimes, life can be so bleak. The common notion of being alive but never really feeling alive or living does indeed exist.



People feel as though life is a procedure or a routine at some point in their lives – they sleep, eat, work, and repeat. And as this cycle goes on and on, it can become unbearable sooner or later.



Sometimes, life does get the best of people.



Especially now that the world is experiencing very strange times, people are living through fear, isolation, and perhaps, some other negativity piling on top of it. And as every day passes by, life can start to feel like a draining chore rather than a present. Indeed, it’s hard trying to find reasons to love life when people feel disconnected and alone.



However, life shouldn’t have to be like that. In fact, there’s a popular concept going around where people live life as if they’re the main characters in movies or novels. They have started to romanticize their lives, bringing new meanings to their existence. Romanticizing life allows them to appreciate and live life to the fullest.



Key Steps in Romanticizing Life



Falling in love with life can be challenging. After all, people have long been exposed to problems. It can be hard to overlook them and choose to focus and highlight every positive thing that might come their way. However, as people go by their day-to-day routines, there are a few things they can practice to live life romantically.



Find beauty in the mundane



As individuals, people can choose whether they live equally among everybody else or shine as the unique and vibrant people they are. Appreciate the small wonders that the big big world offers – whether they are simple or grand, choose to appreciate and celebrate them. Seen something funny? Heartily laugh at it until the stomach aches from doing so. Treat and perceive things as unique, and people won’t be looking at the world in the same monotonous way again.



Be curious



Live life as if it’s the first and last life. Some people believe that they get reincarnated after dying – that this life isn’t the first or the last life they’re living. With this, it can become very easy to see things as if they’re simply insignificant and uninteresting specs in the world. However, living life as your first and last means being interested in the world.



Ever wonder why most wish to go back to the past, back in the days when they were young? During those times, people lived without a biased view of the world. Everything is new and exciting for them, and not a single dull day passes by. Live life as if it were an experiment – a conquest filled with whys and whats. Try and live life with the innocence of a child, like how it was back then.



Fill life with literature



One of the most romantic mediums the world was has received is literature – obviously, specifically the romance genre. By welcoming literature into their lives, people can be introduced to new perspectives in life. For instance, poetry challenges the personal interpretation of the world and can, therefore, help people appreciate and understand it better, teaching them how to live. Raymond Quattlebaum’s book, The Color of Love, for one teaches people how to live life a little romantically and introduces the landscape of life by Quattlebaum.



Commit to living life



By committing and focusing their energy on something, people can learn to live and see life as something more hopeful. As they focus on a goal, they are reminded that there’s something to look forward to. Additionally, committing to something isn’t just about looking forward to getting things done but also celebrating little feats and success along the way. The end doesn’t have to be the only pleasurable thing, the process can likewise be a pleasant experience. People can add little twists to their chores in order to spice things up – add music, do a little dance, anything that can make life feel more exciting.



Be true to one’s identity



Many people lose their identity because they try matching other people’s expectations. People avoid taking risks and trusting their intuition in fear that they won’t satisfy other people. Rather than focusing on others’ interests, people should choose to please themselves and avoid people-pleasing. They should do whatever makes them happy, regardless of whether others are satisfied with it. Choose to live life with blinders by focusing only on oneself and blocking out the other’s opinions.



Treat each moment as a gift



“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present.” This is a commonly acknowledged quote, simply because it has weight to it. People should live in the present and choose to seize every opportunity that comes their way. Learn to appreciate things – even the smallest, most minute ones as they happen. For instance, appreciate the chirping of the birds or the coolness of the breeze. One can even look at the sun and, instead of squinting at it in annoyance, be amazed at its reflection and how it makes things shine.


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