How Poetry Helps You in Different Ways

Life is a big mystery that everyone is trying to solve. Some may already have a handful of clues to figure everything out while others are still probably at the starting point. Literature is the best means to try to understand what life is all about because it is basically the way of life. One great aspect of literature is poetry; it is where works that are filled with aesthetics and ambiguity are found.

There are many poems that show the beauty and ugliness of life. When you try to read and examine them, you truly get some valuable lessons that you can apply in your journey through life. Hence, there are truly many ways how reading poetry benefits your soul and make a difference. But, have you ever wondered how can poetry help you in different ways? If you are curious, then here’s how.

Helps you be more optimistic

Optimism might be a little too hard to achieve in these trying times. Since last year, there were a lot of sad things that happened. They undeniably have created an impact on your holistic health. With all these negativities going on right now, you sure need a breather. Poetry can definitely help you form a positive state of mind and an optimistic outlook in life. Either you read poetry books or write poems, these activities can slowly release the stress and other negative emotions that you were feeling. With the chance to express and be understood, poetry slowly makes you develop a positive attitude towards every tight situation.

Makes you understand what empathy is

Empathy refers to the ability to comprehend and share the emotions of each other. In other words, it is like putting your feet in someone else’s shoes. Because the world has been progressing at a faster pace, there were some who forgot or have taken for granted the value of empathy. Poetry gives you the platform to pour your heart out and write about the things or people that you are empathic about. There are also many poems written from the different literary periods that help you get a better grasp on this remarkable ability. It just makes you feel more human and realize how the world could be better if people just show empathy towards one another.

Improves your spiritual health

Your spiritual health is as important as the other aspects of your well-being. Hence, it needs the same amount of attention that you put to the others. Since the world is battling a pandemic, there are really many whose spiritual health has been on the rocks due to the sudden shift of events. But with poetry, your spiritual health will surely improve. A great poetry book that can help you in developing or mending this particular well-being is The Color of Love by Raymond Quattlebaum. The book revolves around love and God, which are the perfect combination that everyone must recognize and treasure. You can also write your own poems not only to restore your spiritual health but also to give yourself time to reflect and express.

Inspires you to refuel your passion

In this fast-paced world, staying true to your passion is becoming difficult. Practicality is being put in a higher bar than passion. Although there is nothing wrong with it, being sad for the situations that others are being pressed to choose the former over the latter is undeniable. Many aspiring writers have given up their passion for writing due to the advancements in other fields, which made literature a little less practical than it was before. Perhaps you have buried that passion in the deepest corner of your heart, but you can light that fire again with poetry. Both reading and writing poems can bring so much joy, tranquility, and the difference in your life. These literary pieces surprisingly contain the right words that you’ve been longing to hear for so long and have the power to ignite your passion for writing and other things.

Molds you to be better

Being a better person is not something that can be forced or else the result will be unlikely. Nobody wants to become a better individual for the sake of others; it should always be for your own sake. It cannot be denied that you have already discovered some parts of you that need some improvement. Poetry is here to help you generate the inspiration and motivation that you need to start working on your self-development. After reading and writing poems, slowly adjust your view and focus on yourself. Utilize the inspiration and will that you got from poetry and start working on yourself to become better.



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