Five Profound Lessons Love Teach Us

Every day is a good day to reflect on love. Reminiscing how great it feels when you receive flowers and chocolates from the person you love; or, when they affirm their love for you; or when they lean in to kiss you. Love truly is an enchanting feeling, leaving you grinning for the entire day. 

Oh, love. It makes the world go around, right? At least that’s how some people describe it. But is it true? Well, it should be. No man is an island, they say. We live to love another; it doesn’t have to be your soulmate. Love varies from person to person and culture to culture. It can be a friend, a family, or a pet. That is what love is; it is always inclusive. Love is so complex that it has been a favored topic of philosophers, poets, writers, and scientists for centuries. Varied people and groups fought for its actual definition. But to this day, it is still hard to fathom what true love is. 

While most would agree that love is cultivated between two people, that grows over time, and through getting to know the other person and experiencing the ups and downs of life together. It involves commitment, time, mutual trust, and acceptance. 

Love is one of the most profound emotions we experience as humans. It is bigger than us, meaning we do not have control over who, how, when, and where love blossoms in our hearts. We spend nights tossing and turning in an attempt to understand the fluttering of our hearts. We can each experience love in our way, which is why defining it is so complicated. That’s what makes love great. 

But, you know what makes love even greater? The lessons it teaches us along the way. Today, we are going to discuss a few of the great lessons you’ll learn in love. 

Attachment Is Not Love

As we grow and journey to discovering ourselves, we meet people along the way. These people could be walking the same path as you or just walking with you until their rightful destination. These people you meet will have a place in your heart, and although they want to leave you, latch on to them to stay with you. This is what attachment is; it is a selfish situation. Attachment is based on the belief that you’ll never find a love like that again. When in fact, love is abundant and freedom. Love opens the door for the other to leave if that is what makes him happy. 

It Only Takes One to Forgive

Our culture views love as something fuzzy that makes us feel warm inside. However, this is only part of it. The other part of love is heartbreak, anxiety, confusion, and frustration. Trouble in paradise is inevitable in love. Many see conflict as a sign of incompatibility, but it’s up to you how you choose to carry that baggage with you. You must find the strength to forgive because it will hold you captive for the rest of your life. You do not get to go back and rewrite the past. However, forgiving allows you to rewrite the future. 

Love Is in the Details

There is no need for constant reminders of love or repetitive declaration of adoration when it comes to love. Love can be a simple hug after a long day. Love can be random compliments. Love can be the washing of dishes for you. And love can be the thoughtful gift given to you for no reason. It is all around us in its infinite form, per Raymond Quattlebaum in reflection of love. There are plenty of ways you can express and interpret love. Remember that everyone gives and receives love in different blends.

Your Relationship Is a Reflection of You

Everyone you meet in the world is a reflection of yourself. In love, your relationship reflects who you are as well. The qualities you so admire in your other half are the qualities that belong to you, and the same goes for all that you dislike. You could not see it yourself, but it is deeply engraved in your consciousness. This may be because we connect with others based on our values, beliefs, and passions. If you are at a point where you’re not in alignment, your relationship also shows that. 

Being Single Is Not a Curse

We are always in a hurry to find true love. And due to this rush, you end up with the wrong person and getting hurt a lot of times. Love is not about who finds love first. Use your time on your own and get to know yourself— and love. Then, when you meet the right person, you’ll be ready to love him and embrace him despite his flaws. Moreover, you’ll know how to give that love. Take being single as a blessing and an opportunity to discover so much more. 


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