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In the landscape of life by Quattlebaum, author Raymond Quattlebaum says people are fruits of God’s love. Hence, they must look after this love for Him.

People wake up daily, do their ablutions, and go about their responsibilities. These are mainly composed of attending school or work, and for some, this means taking care of their families. When one does this daily, in a general perspective, life becomes so routine. And in being so, it also becomes short of what everyone thinks life should be, of how they want it to be.

People think of their lives and hope to make the most out of them. This is what most people are after, living a life of quality regardless of their time. Making the most out of life is one, if not the most popular life quote people resonate with. But while they aim to do so, how they can achieve this becomes a problem.

“I will make the most out of my life.” While saying it does make it seem so easy, it isn’t.

The quote at hand is quite broad. Facing life head-on and making the most out of it begs the question of where one should start. However, besides the specifics or the list of things one should do to embrace life, taking a step should be the first action taken.

Living Life to the Fullest

The universal understanding of how people live life to the fullest is by doing all the things they can and want in life. This includes pursuing interests and desires.

However, the most important thing one should remember is living life to the fullest means embracing life and letting nobody influence how one lives it. Hence, when it comes to truly defining what this quote means or measuring how and where to start, a universal guideline doesn’t matter. Instead, what matters the most is what it means to an individual.

But, of course, everyone has to start somewhere. Here are a few steps how:

Respect Yourself

One of the primary reasons why it seems as though life isn’t lived well is because people forget to set boundaries to protect themselves. And in doing so, they let people or circumstances exhaust them.

This can be at work, school, or in the relationships, they are in. People should always limit how others can and should influence their lives. They should be firm in telling others so when they invade these limitations.

Protecting oneself should be a priority to ensure that life will be lived to its fullest.

This ideology is well accounted for in the book The Color of Love. While being a book of poetry and romance, this book about the landscape of life by Quattlebaum tackles how people’s lives are the product of God’s love. Hence, as products of His love, people should equally love their lives and let no one trample on them.

Embrace Creativity

Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” In today’s world, society has rather firmly imposed how essential knowledge is. People are sent to school that prioritizes it more than anything. This school system becomes a hindrance to some’s creative spirits. Not to mention, creativity isn’t something everyone is born with. Creativity has gone down the drain for most.

So, how do people start jogging their creativity?

People can take a few courses of action to stir their creative juices. But the essential factor to this is ensuring one’s mind is freed from restrictions. To be at ease with breaking the rules and not conforming to society’s standards. Letting oneself loose and open to opportunities can be a great stepping stone to becoming more creative.

Pursue the Good

Most people have learned to endure the unfortunate things in life, hoping that the good will follow. This delayed gratification is viewed as valuable to receive an even better outcome. However, sometimes this can create a false sense of hope and make people endure the unfavorable for nothing.

In certain circumstances, delayed gratification creates a false sense of hope that change will come when in reality, people are chasing nothing better. While some things will bring more value when resisted, some things are better given up.

People need to consider whether the bad things they’re enduring are worth it or not and choose to chase what truly matters.

Do Things

People have been told time and time again that they should think before acting. Truly enough, thinking about the possible consequences has its benefits. But when people get stuck in the thought process and miss the action, this process becomes useless.

When people can consider doing something, that should be enough assurance that they can do it.

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