Not all relationships are made from the stuff of sunshine and roses. But then again, that is the ideal kind of relationship that everyone aims for – a relationship that movies and books are inspired from, a happy, peaceful, and overall healthy relationship. This is an inherent, natural need in humans to have that kind of relationship that they can lean on for the overall benefit of their emotional and mental wellbeing. 





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Part of living life involves social relationships, mingling, networking, and communicating with other people. It is part and parcel of developing a good overall healthy wellbeing. As the saying goes, “No man is an island,” so should man strive to be part of a community or belong in a relationship. 





Benefits of belonging





There are a lot of payoffs in belonging to a community, more specifically in a relationship. Regardless of the level of intimacy, relationships affect an individual’s mental and emotional progression. It can be something simple as a meet and greet, a quick hang out and get together, or even a private getaway with someone, being in a relationship can significantly impact a person’s life. 





Fights stress and lead to a longer life





Many studies show that people in a healthy relationship have better stress resilience which eventually leads to a longer life. Life is not without stress, and stress can come in different shapes or sizes. Too much stress leads to major health complications that can cause a person’s demise or failure to function properly as a human being. 





The main benefit of belonging to a healthy relationship is the support factor that comes from it. The other partner is supportive either mentally or emotionally, and this kind of support system strengthens the person’s self-integrity and self-love, which are a good defense against stress.





Improves immune system





That support comes from that healthy partnership that can result in an enhanced and boosted immune system. Excellent and supportive associations can inspire and motivate people to do better and be better persons. Once they feel that support coming from their peers, community, or their partners, they would strive to live and lead a healthy lifestyle. Hence, improving their immune system. 





Lower depression and anxiety 





Belonging to a supportive and caring relationship leads to less stress, anxiety, and depression. When people feel cared for and cherished, they see value in themselves. They develop the mentality that if other people see potential in them, so should they learn to love and respect themselves. 





This is a positive impact on overall mental health. That feeling of connectedness, trust, care, and support helps fight off stress or useless anxiety because their self-esteem is boosted. 





How to build healthy relationships





There are lots of ways how to build and maintain healthy relationships. These tips are applicable to all kinds of associations or relationships, be it with a family member, a partner, a spouse, a friend, a co-worker, etc.





Never stop communication





Communication is the key to keeping relationships alive and going. Being open and honest apparently seems to be a golden rule that keeps love, friendship, or familiarity alive. The key to building a healthy and transformative relationship is never to stop communicating. Never stop communicating how a person feels about another or a situation. At the same time, never stop listening to what the other person says.





What does this mean? This simply points to the fact that communication should be a two-way process. There is a give and take and a sharing of thought processes that should be going on. This kind of communication serves to benefit in sustaining the relationship. It also helps to enhance the self-respect both people should feel in a relationship. 





Spend time together





Spending time together doesn’t end in the courtship stage for spouses or romantic partners. In fact, after the courting period, couples should strive to spend time together, and much better if it’s being done consistently. The effort alone of making way to be together is enough to bolster the love and respect within a relationship. 





This idea of spending time together is not only limited to romantic couples. Friends or community members should also make an effort to gather and enjoy their time together. This helps to enhance that sense of camaraderie, loyalty, and trust among friends. 





Be appreciative and attentive





One of the major reasons why couples split or associations break up is the lack of attention or appreciation shown by respective parties to their partners or relationships. It is an inherent human need that people want to be appreciated for every little they do. A simple “thank you” or “you look great” or “good job” can do wonders for a person’s relationship and wellbeing. 





Or it can be in the form of a simple gift, a phone, or a private message. Little things and effort that let the person know that they’re being thought of goes a long way! Being appreciative and attentive is a guaranteed relationship builder and preserver.









It takes a lot of effort to keep a relationship going. A relationship should not be stagnant. Relationships should go and be transformative as the years go by. After all, that is the goal of every person who enters into a commitment or an association – to be in a healthy, transformative, and positively life-changing relationship.  



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