Some people just have it all. Whether it’s charisma, charm, or good looks, attractiveness can be subjective, and it’s not a “one size fits all” kind of matter. But could winning someone’s attention be this superficial. Whatever happened to the era of love letters and serenades? Believe it or not, there are still people like myself who yearn to be wooed and pursued. 







How then can we capture our beloved’s heed? Let us count the ways.







  • Create that feeling of intimacy in a subtle way







One of the ways to do this is to establish trustworthiness early on. It could be as simple as sharing a harmless secret, enough to get your potential partner to be comfortable to share some of their own. Or probably you can talk about yourself and be direct regarding your pet peeves and bucket lists. As the connection gets more profound in this process, the developed trust may help win your love interest’s attention.







  • Be visible and within reach







The law of proximity is a very reliable method. It usually always puts any odd in your favor. According to social psychology, this law gives individuals the opportunity to build connections and discover one another at a more profound level. You can be the ever-reliable jog companion, foodie buddy, or gym buddy. Just be careful not to overdo it to the point of becoming a nuisance. 







  • Do not underestimate the magic of poems







With technology and social media taking over the world by storm, wouldn’t it be a breather to reminisce the times when sweet words would make hearts flutter? Call it old school, but nothing beats expressing your feelings through poems. To get you into the groove of learning to write sonnets or haikus, you can get ideas from The Color of Love by Raymond Quattlebaum. The glorious era of romanticism is not dead as it can still move mountains.







  • Be empathetic







It is such a turn-on to meet someone who knows how to listen and connect. Everyone yearns to be understood, whether with complex things or the littlest matters. Empathy is a skill that can be developed by exposing yourself to people from every walks of life. We’re social beings, and we need that sense of connection. It’s not all about treating your dates to all the fancy restaurants in town. A good and meaningful conversation gets the ball rolling.







  • Woo their friend’s, too







The “you and I against the world” concept can only go so far. Our confidants for several years greatly contribute to who we are today, and they will always be a part of our lives. Exerting effort to get approval from your date’s friends will significantly give you an easier time in your attempt in taking the relationship to the next level. It will also show authenticity from your side and that you have nothing to hide. This will also prove useful during petty arguments in the future since their friends can help you patch things up.







  • Make complimenting a habit







Compliments, especially when it’s done sincerely, always elicit a positive response. It lightens even the most miserable of dispositions. We always liked the people who would show appreciation and say kind words. Tell them how good they look even if they just woke up, not just during when they are all dressed and made up. Positive energy attracts positive energy.







  • Appreciate and be thankful for the simple things they do







We all like a little appreciation. This is even as simple as deciding to spend time with you. As you consistently show you appreciate their efforts, the more a person will be inclined to do other things for you. Let them feel that their little acts of kindness are not left unnoticed. It gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling whenever people are thankful for what I do.







We all know that love month is just around the corner, and all the more, we should encourage building meaningful connections. Let’s bring back the dynamics of courtship, where the boy meets the girl, and then the boy goes out of his way to convince the girl they are right for each other. It was an era when it was not just a simple swiping right or left.




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